Air Conditioning and Heating Duct Options That Fit Your Needs and Preferences

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Gabriel Carini, a San Diego air conditioning service expert, offers ducting for different applications, for clients who are repairing or replacing whole house heating and cooling systems.

The Carini Heating and Air Conditioning owner says the company offers a variety of ducting options, including alternatives that improve indoor air quality or for dampening sound in houses or commercial buildings.

Music studios, theater rooms or other locations where extreme quiet is desired are best suited for ductwork focused on sound dampening. Carini uses acoustical ductwork as one method of reducing the overall noise associated with an HVAC system. Read more

Preserving the Vintage Look Without Compromising On Efficiency

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Many older and historic neighborhoods have older homes with special heating, ventilation and air conditioning requirements, which complicates the process of finding a HVAC company when remodeling or updating a vintage home.

“Finding a contractor who specializes in that area is crucial to getting the result you want,” says Gabriel Carini San Diego heating and air conditioning expert. His company, Carini Air Conditioning and Heating, is experienced in repairing, retrofitting and remodeling the HVAC systems of homes in San Diego historic neighborhoods, such as Kensington, North Park, Mission Hills, South Park, Hillcrest and Bankers Hill. Read more

Tune-Up Before Temperatures Heat Up

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – San Diego air conditioning service expert Gabriel Carini recommends tuning up all residential and commercial HVAC systems before the summer, when people run their air conditioning the most.

“The reason we suggest clients set up a maintenance schedule for their system is that these tune-ups keep the system running efficiently and helps them avoid problems,” says Carini, owner of Carini Heating, Air and Plumbing, a San Diego heating and air service. Read more