EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA – Now that we are starting to get into the peak summer months, it is especially important for East County homeowners to do regular maintenance on their cooling systems.

“The summers are typically much hotter in the inland areas like El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, Alpine and Lakeside, which means people start using their air conditioning earlier in the season and continue using it later into the fall,” says Gabriel Carini, an El Cajon air conditioning and heating expert of 11 years.

Temperatures average in the mid- to high-80s in El Cajon from June to October compared to the coastal regions of San Diego like Mission Hills where temperatures usually stay mid-70s throughout the summer. Homeowners on the coastal side of San Diego may try to stretch out time between routine service appointments, but La Mesa air conditioning pro, Carini, says that often leads to midsummer meltdowns and repairs for inland residents. Here he shares four tips for keeping cool this summer:

  • Having a certified air conditioning repair and service technician do a biannual thorough inspection that includes nine major components of the HVAC unit is highly recommended. Minor adjustments and repairs during the routine inspection keep it functioning at top efficiency and prevent the unit from getting overworked.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance like removing debris from around the outside unit and changing air filters. Filters keep dust, dirt and other pollutants from entering HVAC equipment and spreading throughout the home. A clogged filter means a unit that is working harder than necessary, which cuts down on its life expectancy and increases the likelihood of needing a costly repair.
  • Since the indoor comfort system is likely to be running for long periods of time for multiple months, homeowners will benefit even more from an ENERGY STAR-approved unit or added attic insulation. Depending on the appliance, products with the energy efficient label consume 13 percent to 40 percent less energy than conventional appliances, and attic insulation saves homeowners an average of 25 percent on their heating and cooling costs.
  • Modern homes are constructed with a tighter building envelope that is great for energy conservation but if there is insufficient ventilation it can also lead to indoor air quality with higher levels of pollutants than outside. Homeowners may want to consider an air purifier that attaches to the home’s air handler unit. They may also benefit from repairing leaky ductwork or replacing it with ductwork designed to inhibit bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew growth.

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