Plumbing services in San Diego can easily seem like a luxury that few really need, unless there’s a problem that arises, like a leak or a flooded room. However, getting regular plumbing inspections can make a real positive impact on the lifespan of your home’s plumbing because it offers an opportunity to address small issues before they become large, expensive ones.

Below are some things that you should expect from a plumbing inspection.

Isn’t it the Same as a Home Inspection?

Every homebuyer gets their home inspected before they sign the papers and move into their new investment. However, very few understand the limits of a home inspector’s expertise. Sometimes, the only thing they look at when it comes to the plumbing is whether the water’s running, the toilet flushes, and the drains do their job.

Naturally, these are essential functions for your plumbing to have, but they don’t encompass everything that can go wrong. Whether it’s a failure with the water heater, a problem with the kinds of pipes your home has, or a leak that can lead to more severe property damage, only a trained plumber will be able to tell if a problem needs to be addressed today.

What Can a Plumbing Inspection Tell Me?

A plumbing inspection can provide information on a wide range of issues before they become serious problems in the first place. For example, there was a time when galvanized pipes were the gold standard of indoor plumbing, but every building now comes equipped with pipes of a different kind of material. The reason for this change in building material is that the zinc coating of galvanized pipes can wear away, leaving the lead underneath exposed and potentially leaching into your drinking water.

An inspection identifies what your plumbing system is made of and how it might present a danger to yourself, your family, or your home, which empowers you to take corrective action as quickly as you can.

Why Does a Plumbing Inspection Matter?

Whether it’s identifying the kind of pipes that make up your home’s plumbing or diagnosing a potential time bomb in your water heater, a plumbing inspection keeps your plumbing running smoothly by fixing smaller issues that can become emergencies down the line. By correcting problems before they can become emergencies, you’re saving a lot of time, stress, and money by avoiding issues like burst pipes or clogged sewer lines.

To find out more about what to expect from a plumbing inspection, or schedule an appointment with a plumber in San Diego, CA, call us today!