Whenever you have to look for plumbing services for your San Diego home, it’s not always clear when you should pay the premium price of an emergency plumber or put off the issue until regular business hours. Some people opt to pay the premium for the most basic plumbing maintenance issues and end up frustrated both by the bill the plumber gives them and the fact that the problem might not have an immediate resolution because the plumber doesn’t have the parts.

Knowing the difference between when you need a plumber’s help immediately and when it can be put off is vital for avoiding this frustration. Here are the main reasons you’d need the help of an emergency plumber:

There’s a Chance of Flooding

If your basement has flooded already, then the best course of action is to find the first available emergency plumber to help with the problem. However, you should also contact an emergency plumber for issues that might result in flooding if left unattended. These can include:

  • Pipes that have a steady, consistent leak
  • Signs of damage to the water heater
  • Signs of strains in the plumbing system

These problems typically result from a blockage somewhere or a blockage forming. In the case of physical stress on the plumbing system, you might find that your pipes will burst if left unattended for too long.

There’s a Health Risk

Flooding presents a health risk, but because of the nature of indoor plumbing, there are more acute issues you should also be attuned to. If sewage starts to back up into your home because of a blockage, for example, either at the main sewer line or because a toilet has begun to overflow, you should seek the help of an emergency plumber before your family gets sick.

In addition to bacterial threats to your family, you should also pay attention to any signs of a gas leak when considering calling a plumber. If you smell gas, it makes sense to opt for immediate attention over delaying a resolution until regular working hours.

You Don’t Have Access to Water

Indoor plumbing has been a great invention in society because of everything it’s allowed homeowners to do. However, if you find that you turn your taps on and no water comes out, that’s usually a sign that something is very wrong with your plumbing.

The most common cause is that a blockage has formed somewhere, or a pipe is freezing up. In both cases, the amount of pressure that can build up increases that chance that you’ll be dealing with flooding or additional damage if the issue is left unattended.

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