Summer’s hot. Nothing’s new there. Neither is the fact that with warm weather comes an innate drive to cool down. So, when the temperature hits above 80 degrees, what do we do? We crank up the air conditioner and breathe a sigh of relief as it whirrs into life.

Although the cold air may feel great at the moment, blasting the AC is one of the worst things you can do to keep your unit functioning and efficient. Air conditioners are typically designed to keep temperatures from exceeding 75°F – not to go ten or more degrees below that threshold. Instead, there are quite a few ways to stay cool without driving your air conditioner into an early grave. In this article, we at Carini, trusted air conditioning, heating, and plumbing repair and installation specialists in San Diego, will discuss a few common cooling mistakes that you can avoid to keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

  • Not Using a Fan to Circulate Air

Fans may seem like the low-tech cooling option for an age gone by, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A ceiling fan uses roughly 90 percent less energy than your air conditioner and can actually bring down the temperature of a room by 10 degrees or more on its own. Fans, used with central air conditioning, can keep the cool air circulating, cutting down on humidity and cooling the people in the room.

  • Forgetting About the Air Filter

Air filters are used to keep particulate matter from clogging up the internal components of your AC unit and, in small part, clean the air. Unfortunately, forgetting to clean or replace filters increases the risk of internal problems and can block airflow, causing the unit to work harder than necessary. The air will not cool off as well, and your energy bill will likely increase.

  • Positioning the Thermostat Incorrectly

This may seem like an obvious mistake. But, if thermostats are placed near a hot window, lightbulb, or on an exterior wall, the excess heat will trick the AC unit into turning on more frequently. Also, make sure the room in which you install your thermostat is not the hottest or coldest one in the house, as these temperatures can also fool the thermostat.

  • Opening Doors, Windows, and Blinds Unnecessarily

The sun is hot, so open blinds will let the heat penetrate your home. Additionally, open doors and windows allow outside air in and cool, conditioned air out. We recommend keeping everything closed to ensure that the only thing that escapes is the heat!

Maintenance Services

Finally, one of the most neglected aspects of any air conditioning system is its maintenance. Like most appliances, AC units experience wear-and-tear and minor issues with components.  Therefore, without a regular tune-up, little things could become big problems over time!  Fortunately, we at Carini are leading AC technicians and plumbers in San Diego, and our maintenance services are your best defense against air conditioner failures and inefficiency!

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