Flushing your toilet bowl and realizing it won’t flush properly can be stressful because you know something is wrong. Is there a clog somewhere that may cause an overflow? How do you use the toilet until you can get it fixed if you have only one in your house? The first step, don’t panic! A broken-down flush is more common than you think and often is an easy repair with the right plumber. Below are some reasons why it may not flush.

Problem With the Handle

Does the handle go all the way down, and you still don’t hear a flush? This is usually a good sign because a handle can easily be fixed, and there are no underlying issues with your overall plumbing. It could have disconnected inside or may have broken and will need a replacement, which a plumber can easily do for you.

Water Tank Level is Too Low

If there isn’t enough water, it could be because the flush valve is not working properly and doesn’t get the water it needs to flush. But it could also be larger issues like pipe leaks and water pressure problems that require professional plumbing expertise.

Clogged Toilet

A clog inside the toilet may also cause flushing issues, especially if human waste fails to go down properly. Toilets can easily get clogged when items like baby wipes and sanitary products go down the pipes when they shouldn’t. A plumber may require more professional tools to unclog the toilet, especially if something is deeper within your pipes.

Drain Line Issues

Even if your toilet functions well, drain line issues will result in a problem with your flushing. Drain lines typically move the waste from the toilet to the sewer or septic tanks and can either crack, clog up, or have roots growing inside them – causing the slow flow of water. In these instances, a plumbing services professional may need to visually inspect the drain lines using advanced camera equipment before deciding whether repair or replacement is necessary. This is a specialized service that cannot be done without a professional.

To find out more about why your toilet is not flushing or to book the services of our professional plumbing team to solve your issue, call Carini today!