HVAC Technician San DiegoDuctless air conditioning systems, also known as mini-split systems, are a great solution for any home due to their unwavering room comfort. Depending on the design of your home, these systems can be used for a number of applications. Ductless air conditioning systems can heat and cool everything from the whole house to a single room thanks to a technology known as Variable Refrigerant Flow.

Some of the situations where going ductless is your best choice include new home additions, isolated rooms, rooms with special heating or cooling needs like the kitchen, and most cases where you need one room heating and cooling units. Ductless HVACs have a number of advantages over the traditional systems. Here are five most compelling reasons to go ductless today!

Highly Flexible

The most important advantage ductless systems have over traditional ones is that they deliver air straight into different zones instead of the air being forced through the ducts. Ductless AC systems are comprised of two small units: one outdoor and one indoor unit. These units need nothing but mounting capabilities and electricity.

Ductless units are a great way to substitute old and inefficient units, electric baseboard heaters and space heaters. Because of their flexibility, they are ideal for home additions, apartments, new constructions or to improve temperature control in specific rooms.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons more and more San Diego homeowners choose to go ductless is because these systems are extremely cost effective. An inefficient AC system will likely make your electrical bill grow out of proportions. On the other hand, a ductless system operates using significantly less power. They are smaller and more focused, which is why they are very efficient. They also allow you to create zones in the home, meaning that you don’t have to heat or cool any rooms currently vacant along with the rest of your home. Furthermore, there are a number of government subsidy programs to help homeowners make the transition from traditional to ductless AC systems.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Old and worn-out AC units can significantly decrease the quality of indoor air, especially if the unit does not undergo regular maintenance. Cleaning the ducts regularly still does not guarantee all the allergens have been eliminated, which is why a ductless system is far superior. The air goes through a few levels of filtration that helps reduce bacteria, pollen, allergens, dust and other unwanted particles.

Quick and Easy Set-up

Installing a traditional AC system can take weeks and will hinder your daily routine. Thanks to their design, ductless systems are much easier to install, which is why the process is significantly shorter. Depending on how many indoor units you are adding, the process can be completed in a single day. These systems use pipes small in diameter that require a single three-inch hole in your wall. This is why you won’t have to worry about your interior being ruined or your precious space being occupied by bulky pipes.


The ductless systems were designed with great energy efficiency in mind. They follow the energy efficiency guidelines. Improved energy efficiency is the reason why ductless systems are far cheaper and their carbon emission is significantly reduced. These systems use different refrigerants that are far less harmful to the environment as well.